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Wednesday, 12th July, 2017 6.15 pm

Venue: Room 10

Contact: Mrs Joanne Griffiths  Tel: 01744 673219

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Submitted by Councillor Pritchard

This Council is seriously concerned that the government’s lack of regulation of housing ground rents is leading to unfair, unreasonable and unaffordable charges being imposed on householders in St Helens by private developers and investor landlords.  This is undoubtedly having a negative impact on housing affordability.


On behalf of the many hundreds of St Helens’ residents affected by onerous leases, this Council therefore calls upon the Government to to pass legislation in this Parliament  which:-


(a)        Limits the amount by which rents can be increased in new and existing housing ground leases so that any increases are kept in line only with general inflation;

(b)        Limits the fees charged for the giving of minor consents, such as for assignments or property alterations/extensions, so that they are proportionate to the work involved in issuing such consents, are stated in the ground lease and only increased in line with rents in accordance with (a) above;

(c)        Limits the amount which can be charged for the purchase of the freehold interest, consider linking this to the rent level by a fixed multiplier to simplify the process and state the initial amount in the lease;

(d)        Requires all housing ground leases to include standard provisions which clearly explain the tenants rights under the Leasehold Enfranchisement legislation; and

(e)        Require all tenants to be provided with a projection of future rents payable throughout the period of the ground lease, based upon a range of potential inflationary increases, prior to signing the lease.


The Council further resolves to press the new Housing Minister to act rapidly in support of existing leaseholders who are currently in limbo over the value and mortgage-ability of their homes, by:


a)         taking steps to ensure housebuilders redraw onerous leases in their ownership in the next 12 months to match the provisions of (a) to (e) above; and

b)         establishing a scheme of compensation for those home owners with onerous leases that were sold on, to be financed by the house builders who have sold on the leases and thereby cannot give redress to their former clients.


Submitted by Councillor McDonnell pdf icon PDF 69 KB

This Council and the residents of St Helens are deeply shocked and saddened by the Grenfell Tower disaster; We extend our heart felt sympathy to the families of the victims and those who are injured.

In an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, more than 70 leading organisations and figures from the UK’s Safety and Health profession have asked her to “scrap the Government’s approach of deregulation of Health & Safety Legislation and to think again”.


The group has also pressed the Government to complete its review of Part B of the Building Regulations 2010 – the regulations which cover fire safety in and around buildings in England – as a matter of urgency.

Good safety is good business, it saves lives.

I recommend that this Council supports the Open Letter to the Prime Minister from the UK Safety Professional Bodies calling on the Government to stop their ‘deregulation’ of Health & Safety and as a matter of urgency conducts a review of Part B of the Building Regulations 2010.


Submitted by Councillor Shields

Events in the last months have highlighted significant challenges to maintaining the safety of our communities and the confidence of the public in those agencies tasked with keeping them safe.  This is a time of unprecedented challenges for agencies working in Community Safety Partnerships.


This Council calls upon the Government to:


(i)            Support Merseyside Police to meet those “unprecedented challenges” by

increasing funding for Merseyside Police and halting the cuts that they are required to deliver by 2020; and


(ii)           Financially support other agencies affected by the Prevent and Community Safety agendas, including local authorities, through the direct funding of local prevention teams with a dedicated remit of:


(a)  Challenging and supporting communities;

(b)  Using only lawful means to deliver behaviour changes and

(c)  Offering those who are radicalised, or are involved in serious organised crime, a pathway out.