Agenda and minutes

Planning Committee - Tuesday, 2nd November, 2021 5.30 pm

Venue: Room 10

Contact: Mrs KM Howard 


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Apologies for Absence

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Apologies for Absence were received from Councillors Barton-Ainsworth (Covid related), Gomez-Aspron and McCormack (Covid related).



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*           Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2021, be approved and signed


Declarations of Interest from Members

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Item Number





P/2021/0654/FP3 - King George V Playing Fields, Halton Street, Haydock

Councillor Bowden

Declared a Personal and Prejudicial Interest in the item.


P/2021/0563/S73 - 14 Moss Lane, Rainford


Councillor Jones

Declared a Personal Non-Pecuniary Interest in the item.



P/2021/0706/HYBR - Newton Le Willows Fire & Ambulance Station, Silverdale Road, Newton-le-Willows


Councillor Maloney

Declared a Pecuniary Interest in the Item.



Planning Applications for Decision by the Committee pdf icon PDF 3 MB

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Prior to the presentation of the planning applications for decision by the Committee, the Chair introduced the Interim Head of Planning and the Committee placed on record their thanks and best wishes to the former Head of Planning, Melanie Hale.


*           Resolved that the planning application be dealt with as shown below:


Councillor Bowden here left the meeting.


P/2021/0654/FP3                                King George V Playing Fields, Halton Street, Haydock

New footpath with alterations to existing footpath and reconfiguration of football and rugby pitches.


The Senior Planner presented the application to Members, during which a presentation was screened detailing the following:

·       Site Location     

·       Site Photographs

·       Proposed Plans

·       Superseded Plans

·       Fencing

Councillor Bond and Councillor Hooton appeared before the Committee to present their support in relation to the application.

Grant planning permission subject to the following conditions:


1.   The works hereby permitted must be begun within 3 years of the date of this decision notice.


2.   The development shall be carried out in accordance with the following plans.


·       Plan entitled ‘Outline feasibility plan’ showing the pathways dated 14/10/2021


3.    No machinery, storage of materials or any form of ground disturbance shall be carried out within the Tree Protection Areas of the site during the construction of the development.  The Tree Protection Areas are defined as any soft ground areas beneath the canopy of any trees (including young, recently planted trees) on or adjacent the site.


4.    Prior to the commencement of development, a Phase I Site Investigation and Risk Assessment Report shall be carried out to investigate the nature and extent of any contamination affecting the site. The Site Investigation shall include a desk study, site walkover, human health, and environmental risk assessment, and if necessary, an investigation and assessment methodology. The Report shall be submitted to and agreed in writing by the local planning authority.


If deemed necessary, a Site Investigation and Assessment shall be undertaken in accordance with the agreed methodology. The results of the Site Investigation and Assessment, together with a Remediation Strategy based upon their findings, shall be submitted to, and agreed in writing with the local planning authority. For the avoidance of doubt, the Remediation Strategy shall include a timetable for implementation, monitoring proposals and a remediation validation methodology.


The agreed Remediation Strategy shall be implemented, and a Site Validation/Completion report for each building on the site shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority prior to its first use for the purpose hereby approved. For the avoidance of doubt, the Site Validation/Completion Report shall include details on the remediation works undertaken; validation testing of the adequacy of the remediation; certificates of the suitability of the imported cover materials from a suitably qualified independent person; the fate of any excavated material; and any necessary verification-monitoring programme including details of any installed post-completion monitoring devices, together with measures to be undertaken should action limits be exceeded.

Councillors Bond, Hooton and Jones here left the meeting and Councillor Bowden returned to the meeting.


P/2021/0563/S73                                14  ...  view the full minutes text for item 32.


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A report was submitted which informed Members of planning applications determined

under delegated powers.

*           Resolved that the report be noted.


Planning Applications Determined Under Delegated Powers pdf icon PDF 201 KB

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A report was submitted which informed Members of planning applications determined

under delegated powers.

*           Resolved that the report be noted.


Current Enforcement Cases pdf icon PDF 82 KB

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A report was submitted which informed Members of the current position with regard to enforcement cases.


*           Resolved that the report be noted.