Agenda and minutes

People's Board - Wednesday, 22nd January, 2020 2.30 pm

Venue: Room 10

Contact: Mrs KM Howard 


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Apologies for Absence

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Baines, John Quick, Assistant Chief Constable Jon Roy, Tom Hughes and Helen Fitzgerald.



Minutes from the Meeting held on 25 September 2019 pdf icon PDF 80 KB

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*           Resovled that the minutes of the meeting held on 25 September 2019, be approved and signed.


Declarations of Interest

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No Declarations of Interest from Members were made.


Update on the PAUSE Programme pdf icon PDF 267 KB

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Kelly Cox, the Pause Practice Lead presented the report on the Pause Programme which updated the Board on the delivery and developments of the local Pause programme (October 2017 to present) and provided information on local performance data, impact and outcomes.


Pause worked with women who had experienced (or were at risk of) repeated pregnancies that result in children needing to be removed from their care. Pause aimed to break the cycle by giving women the chance to pause, learn and aspire to take control of their lives.

The purpose of Pause was to prevent the damaging consequences of children being taken into care each year. The initial pilot began in Hackney London in 2013 and following its success, 24 Pause Practices were now working across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland with plans to double that by 2021. Pause St Helens was the first Pause Practice to be delivered in the Liverpool City Region.


The Pause programme in St Helens was a trauma informed programme which drew upon a range of evidence-based health, social work and psychological approaches. The aim of the programme was to achieve the following outcomes:

·         A reduction in pregnancies, better engagement with services, improved stability and develop a positive feeling of wellbeing and sense of self;

·         Budget savings due to a reduction in social care intervention and associated costs; and

·         Long term aim of this group of women either choosing not to have more children or being in a better position to parent and/or maintain contact with their existing children once they have stabilised their own lives.


Over the course of the programme, Pause St Helens had actively worked with 32 women in its first two years. At the time of the report, 18 women were actively engaging with the programme with another seven identified as suitable to be contacted. The outcomes from the programme were detailed in the report.


As part of the report, a presentation was screened which outlined a case study for the Board. The presentation ‘Pause in Action: Kylie’s story’ detailed the following:


·         Key Events for K through a trauma informed lens; and

·         Outcomes.


The report informed the Board that it had cost £470,587 to fund the 18-month Pause programme and based on an analysis of the first two years’ worth of data, it was estimated that 21 pregnancies had been avoided by delivering the Pause programme in St Helens. Cost avoidance calculations as a result of this for St Helens were reported to the Board as over 1.5 years £1,004,803, 3 years £1,399,507 and 5 years £1,925,780.

It was noted that no formal decisions had been made about the future of the St Helens Pause programme from October 2020 onwards when the funding period ended. It was agreed that the programme delivered value and that without a Pause Practice in
St Helens, local women and their families were more likely to experience repeat removals of children from their care, leading to an ongoing increase to the cost and demand on local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 35.


PREVENT in St Helens / CHANNEL update. pdf icon PDF 96 KB

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Jen Dinsdale the Head of Youth Justice, Young Persons Drug & Alcohol Service (YPDAAT) & PREVENT, and Claire Wright Local Area Channel Coordinator Merseyside and Cheshire, were presented their report on PREVENT in St Helens and CHANNEL update.

The report informed the Board on Operation Dovetail and the work undertaken in
St Helens in relation to the St Helens PREVENT agenda at a local level across the partnership and against the 2018-2020 Action Plan.

The PREVENT Strategy, originally published by the Government in 2011 and updated in 2018, was part of the overall counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST.  The aim of CONTEST was to reduce the threat to the UK from terrorism by preventing people from becoming influenced through extreme and radical ideology.


The CONTEST Strategy was underpinned by four priorities: -

·         Prevent;

·         Pursue;

·         Protect; and

·         Prepare.


As part of the report, a presentation was given to the Board on PREVENT and CHANNEL: An overview of Progress in St Helens Local Authority, which detailed the following:


·         LACC Role;

o   Administration;

o   Co-ordination;

o   Case Support; and

o   Stakeholder Management.

·         Current Guidance;

·         What Does the Channel Guidance involve?

·         St Helens the Story so far…

·         Governance;

·         Regional Statistics; and

·         Action Plan.


The Board was informed that the PREVENT agenda had been driven forward locally in
St Helens over the last 16 months and that the Authority now had a robust two year action plan in place which had been reviewed by the partnership through CHANNEL the Cabinet and the People's Board since Operation Dovetail had been introduced.

The Head of Youth Justice, YPDAAT & PREVENT informed the Board at a strategic and operational level, St Helens had also recently started to develop a local area risk assessment based on the Counter Terrorist data received every month and that this would be fed back the People's Board once established.

The PREVENT Action Plan 2018 – 2020 and
St Helens Prevent Referral Pathway for Vulnerable Children and Adults for St Helens Council was attached to the report at Appendices 1 and 2 respectively.


*           Resolved that:


(1)          the report, the progress made, PREVENT Action Plan 2018 – 2020 and referral pathway be noted;

(2)          the Board encourage employee attendance at PREVENT training through their own organisations; and

(3)          the Local Area Risk Assessment be presented to the Board at a future meeting once established.


Presentation on the Violence Reduction Unit

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Ian Noble from the Merseyside Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) gave a presentation on the work undertaken by the Violence Reduction Unit.


The presentation on the Violence Reduction Unit detailed the following:

·         Serious Violence Short-Term Performance Trend: 2019 Calendar Year;

·         Knife Crime Short – Performance Trend: January to December 2019;

·         The Journey so far;

·         Merseyside Mission Statement;

·         Approach and Values;

·         The Merseyside VRU;

·         Coordination;

·         Problem Profile;

·         Governance and Reporting;

·         Outcomes and Success Measures; and

·         Next Steps and Issues.


The Board discussed the recent funding received by Merseyside Police from the Home Office of £3.37m for community interventions taking a preventative, public health approach to work with partners in addressing violent crime in Merseyside, noting the difficultly the short time frame for spending had presented in allocating funding to initiatives from a strategic perspective. 

A query was raised by the Board with regards to what proportion of the funding had been allocated/ring fenced for initiatives in St Helens with a request that the VRU be mindful of not being only driven by data, as it might not lead to the best outcomes for individual boroughs given a history of under reporting of crime.

*           Resolved that:


(1)          the presentation be noted; and

(2)          an update report be brought back to the Board in six months’ time to report on the outcomes from the VRU.




5 Year Plan - St. Helens Peoples Plan and Performance Dashboard pdf icon PDF 236 KB

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The Executive Director People’s & Accountable Officer CCG, presented the report on
Five Year Plan -St Helens People’s Plan and Performance Dashboard which provided the Board with a draft People’s Plan for 2020-24 and a short update of programme developments.


The NHS published its Long-term Plan (LTP) in January 2019 which required each Integrated Care System / Sustainability and Transformation Partnership to develop a five-year strategy as a vehicle for delivering the LTP.


Locally, the Cheshire and Merseyside Health and Care Partnership had requested that each ‘Place’ produce their own plan that would then form part of the wider strategy.


The development of the St Helens People’s Plan had been developed as a plan for the Borough by building on the St Helens Cares approach and encompassing the People’s Board priorities of:

·         Building Children’s confidence and resilience;

·         Improving the lives of people experiencing poor mental health;

·         Improving cancer outcomes, and

·         Tackling domestic abuse.

The plan took an evidence-based approach, establishing priorities and targeting areas of greatest need. The structure of the plan had been designed around the ‘Life Course’ model of: Starting Well, Living Well, Ageing Well and Well Led.


St Helens People’s Plan on a page, Outcome Framework and St Helens People’s Plan 2020-2024 were attached to the report at Appendices 1 to 3 respectively.


*           Resolved that:


(1)          the report and progress regarding the St Helens Cares programme be noted;

(2)          the refreshed People’s Plan be endorsed;

(3)          the formal launch of the Plan to take place at the end of February 2020; and

(4)          all partners consider the initial Outcome Framework and forward comments for improvement to the Executive Director People’s & Accountable Officer CCG by 5 February 2020.



Review and approval of the Better Care Fund (BCF) Submission pdf icon PDF 90 KB

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The Director People's Services, presented the report on Review and Approval of the Better Care Fund (BCF) Submission.


The Board was advised in order to comply with NHS England’s (NHSE) Integration and Better Care planning requirements 2019-20 and the Better Care Fund for St Helens required approval by the Board.


The BCF provided a mechanism for personalised, integrated approaches to health and care that supported people to remain independent at home or return to independence after an episode in hospital.


The Board was informed that the CCG and Council had jointly developed and agreed the BCF plan and supporting narrative, and that the following documents had been submitted to NHSE for St Helens: -

·         A single template with short narrative describing local approach to integration, plans to achieve metrics, plans for ongoing implementation of the High Impact Change Model for Managing Transfers of Care; and

·         A Financial Planning Template.


The Financial Planning Template summary in the report detailed a breakdown of the funding contribution by source, scheme investment and scheme type, submission template and next steps.


The Board was advised that the BCF Plan for St Helens had been submitted to the NHSE on 27 September 2019 and that the Section 75 agreement had been updated to reflect the value of the BCF plan for 2019/20.  It was noted that the Authority was yet to receive a formal communication that the plan had been approved.


*           Resolved that:

(1)        the report be noted;


(2)        the Better Care Fund submission be circulated to the Board; and

(3)        the Better Care Fund submission, as submitted to NHSE on 27 September 2019, be approved.


Date of Next Meeting

-       Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 2.30pm at the Town Hall, Room 10.

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020, 2.30pm at the Town Hall, Room 10.


Exclusion of the Public

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x                    Information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information) (Para 3 of Schedule 12a).


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*           Recommended that the public be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item for the reason stated:

Min      Reason (Under the Local Government Act 1972)


42        Information relating to the financial or business affairs of

any particular person (including the authority holding that

information) (Para 3 of Schedule 12a).


Presentation from Independent Reviewer of a Domestic Homicide Review


Steve McGilvary the Independent Reviewer, gave a presentation to the Board on the outcomes and findings of a Domestic Homicide Review.


The Domestic Homicide Review presentation detailed the following:


·         Context;

·         Key Lines of Enquiry;

·         Effective Risk Assessment;

·         Effective Information Sharing;

·         Control and Coercion;

·         Training Provided;

·         Conclusions; and

·         Recommendations.


*           Resolved that the presentation be noted.