Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
St Helens Borough Arts Strategy24/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Locality Management23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
St Helens Climate Change Commission23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Renewal of the s75 agreement between St Helens Borough Council and St Helens Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for 2021/22-2022/23.23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Gamble Building External Works Project23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Commercial Strategy23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 - Funding Award Approval23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Award of Contract following a Competitive Tender for the 0-19 Integrated Healthy Child Programme23/02/2021For Determination24/03/2021
Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2021-202226/01/2021For Determination24/02/2021
Revenue & Capital Budgets 2021-22 and Medium Term Financial Strategy 2021-2426/01/2021For Determination24/02/2021