Parish - Local & Parish Elections 2019 - Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

Election summary for Parishes
Parishes Elected candidates Elected party or parties
Parish of Billinge Chapel End MCEVOY Terence Bernard Independent
BRADBURY William David Labour Party
MCDONNELL Dennis Labour Party
CRAIG Harry Labour Party
CLIFT David Keith Labour Party
PEERS Peter UK Independence Party (UKIP)
GARDNER Steve Labour Party
MURPHY Sue Labour Party
RAHMAN Sue Green Party
Parish of Bold - East Ward FOY Chris Independent
JACKSON Jimmy Labour Party
MAKIN Allen John Independent
Parish of Bold - North Ward WEST Alex Independent
HUGHES Chris Independent
O'KEEFE David Green Party
HAWLEY David Edward Independent
Parish of Bold - South Ward SMITH Colette Jane Independent
Parish of Bold - West Ward GERRARD Carole Ann Labour Party
FISHWICK Paul Francis Independent
GERRARD Paul Labour Party
HULL Stuart Independent
Parish of Eccleston - South Ward DUNCAN Christina Black Liberal Democrats
PEARL Carol Liberal Democrats
GRAY-WILLIAMS Lynn Liberal Democrats
SIMS Teresa Veronica Liberal Democrats
Parish of Rainford - Junction Ward GRICE David Conservative Party
BROWN Iris Conservative Party
TRAVIS Joanne Lee Green Party
Parish of Rainhill - North Ward STEVENSON-BLACK Kate Elizabeth Independent
WARD Geoff Independent
GREAVES Donna Marie Independent
ROBERTS Gordon John Independent
DANIELS Ann Margaret Independent
BARKER Graham William Independent
Parish of Rainhill - South Ward HOWITT Ann-Veronica Chadwick Independent
BROWN Ian Michael Independent
ROSCOE Sandra Independent
TASKER James Stephen Independent
Parish of Rainhill - West Ward ROTHWELL Mark Alexander Independent
LARNER Tony Independent
WILLIAMS Wil Independent
Parish of Seneley Green BARTON Stuart Andrew Labour Party
ASHCROFT Brenda Labour Party
STEVENSON Jim Labour Party
PEARSON Joe Labour Party
CLEARY Ken Labour Party
PILKINGTON Bernard Michael Labour Party
PEERS Peter UK Independence Party (UKIP)
MURPHY Sue Labour Party